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Can Skips be Used for Just Commercial Waste Clearance or Just Domestic?

Waste removal is one thing that requires lots of professionalism. The use of skips is one of the most professional ways of removal of such wastes. Majorly, these skips are used in the removal and the recycling of domestic wastes from homes. Be it kitchen wastes or the greens from the compound and the gardens, professional waste removal companies will be able to help you to clear all the trash with the assistance of skip bins. With this said, Can skips be used for just commercial waste clearance or just domestic?

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Most waste removal companies today have commercial waste removal skip bins for hire. The only difference is that a little much care and restrictions are put on what to be dumped in the skip bins if they are used for industrial and commercial waste removal. In the case of domestic skips, you can comfortably use the skips when cleaning up after landscaping, after and during renovations, when moving a home or during general clean up.

Commercially, the skip bins can be used on construction sites, building sites, industrial operations as well as in offices among others. Depending on what you want to use the bins for, their sizes always vary a great deal. In general, most of the skip bins used for domestic waste removal are averagely small in size. On the other hand, due to the bulky nature of commercial wastes, commercial premises have a wide range of size options to choose from. Off course, the bigger the size of the skips, the higher the cost of hire. On average, the sizes range from as small as 2-yard mini skips to 12 yard and even bigger ones for building and construction sites.

hire a binThe main wastes that are universally not allowed to be dumped in skip bins as provided for by environmental regulations are clinical wastes, paint, chemicals and oils, gas cans & cylinders, fridges & freezers among other electrical appliances, asbestos, and animal & human wastes. In addition, different companies may have one or two additional wastes they won’t allow to be dumped in their hired skips. In case you have any of the prohibited wastes named above, always contact the waste removal companies as most of them always have alternative removal means.

If you have a long building and construction contract, there will be a buildup of building rubble over time. Waiting till you finish the works before you can start the waste removal can prove cumbersome and expensive. It is prudent that you hire skip bins that you can continuously fill and facilitate the removal of wastes thus leaving you with a clean working environment.

In a nutshell, though skips are mainly known to be used for domestic waste removal and recycling, they can also be used commercially. Provided the kind of wastes you want to be removed are allowed by environmental regulations, always feel free to contact a waste removal company such as for skips.