Welcome to CLP Home Improvement. This website will cover lots of small jobs around the home that can be completed by you with some help from us. Many people just hire a professional at the first sign of trouble. This is costly when it doesn’t have to be.

picture of diy painted kitchen cabinets

With a little knowledge most smaller jobs can be completed by ourselves within a few hours. The money we save can be used on things that we really have a need for. You will be surprised just how easy some of these things are to complete.

In some cases we simply do not have the time to complete these jobs ourselves. With modern living we sometimes find ourselves pushed for time. Do not worry because we may be able to help you if you find yourself in this position.

We will discuss some local contractors that can be hired without any worry because we have seen their work standards at first hand. It is fairly common for people to hire workers that have terrible work ethic and job standards.

We probably all know someone who has had their fingers burnt in one of these situations. Hopefully we can help at least one person avoid such a situation.