Tips on How to Clean Out Clutter

picture of a garage that has clutter

Tips on How to Clean Out Clutter

Owning a home is surely a major responsibility in life, and over time, the amount of clutter that can accumulate in a home is astounding. The thought of living an uncluttered, organized life is way beyond appealing to many people, but how to go about accomplishing it is yet another issue. People recognize the many benefits of living an uncluttered life from having less stress in their lives to simply having less to clean and organize each day. However, more often than not, people are truly unaware of the amount of clutter that has accumulated in their houses over time until that one unbelievable day when reality finally sets in.

Tips On How To De-clutter Your House

When people recognize they have a problem with clutter, they begin to feel so overwhelmed and anxious about the disorganized presence of their home, and find themselves immersed in confusing thoughts of how to get rid of the clutter and organize their homes. Though this enormous task can be overly challenging, once accomplished, the rewards far outweigh the challenge. Here are some useful tips on how to organize your home, and get rid of all that clutter.

1. To begin with, conduct a simple walk through of your home and determine which room or area requires the least amount of work, and begin your journey with this room. Tackling the smallest area or rooms first, sheds a different light on your overall project when you complete the first phase of your project. Once you have completely de-cluttered your first area, you want to step back and take pride in your accomplishment and then allow yourself a breather, whether an hour or a day, before moving onto the next area to organize.

2. One of the best overall techniques to use when you set out to remove all the clutter from your home is the use of two large garbage bags. These two trash bags are used for separating those items that are trash, and those items you wish to give away. In each room you are organizing determine which items are to remain and simply need to be put back into their proper places, and then place all the remaining items into either the trash bag or the donate bag. You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to create some semblance of order in the room. Items that find their way into the donation bag will most assuredly end up being someone else’s treasures, while those items that find their way into the trash bag are the easiest to organize since they simply require you to dispose of them accordingly into the trash.

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However, when dealing with trash, many times there can be excessive trash as well as very large items that you wish to dispose of, such as old furniture and other large items. Recognizing the challenge that abundant trash and very large unwanted items can present you with, it makes perfect sense to reach out to your local skip hire to accommodate your overall trash disposal needs. Skips come in all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure to hire the perfect skip for your home cleaning project making that piece of the project much easier to handle, and certainly easier to perform.

3. In addition, to these simple steps for cleaning and organizing your home, you may want to try using what is referred to as the “12, 12, 12” technique. This special technique involves you simply walking through the home and collecting 12 items that need to be thrown away, 12 items that you wish to donate or give away, and 12 items that simply need to be put back into their proper places. After each set of twelve is accomplished, simply go back and do it all over again until such time that you find the clutter is gone, and the organization has taken its place. This technique is not only fast and efficient, but can be quite enjoyable to perform, especially if performed with other family members.

Overall removing unsightly clutter from your home is truly a project that is not welcomed by many. However, embracing the skilful art of the “12, 12, 12” technique or the use of the two garbage bags technique will most assuredly afford you the peace of mind you are in search of as you set out on your de cluttering journey, and seek to establish an appealing and organized look to that wonderful place you call home!