How to Demolish a Garden Shed Yourself


Demolishing a garden shed can be quite easy if you take some precautionary steps to disassemble the unit safely and follow these tips from TPC North. The last thing you want to happen is a roof or side cave in on you or cause you some serious physical damage. Usually these sheds are made of one of two different materials They will either be of wood construction like a small home, or they will be pieces of some type of metal. Either way these tips on how to demolish a garden shed yourself are simple and require minimal tools and experience.

The first thing you must have is a pair of good gloves and some safety goggles. A good pair of garden gloves should do the trick here. Since the entire shed is being destroyed, the key here is working as efficiently as possible. Remove the shed door first and place it off to the side. Most shed doors are on a track and should pop off with no tools. If the door is on hinges, pop the hinge pins and slide off the door. Once the door is removed you can work around the inside and outside of the shed more easily.

Remember as you are taking the roof, the walls, and the floor apart, that many time the nails will remain in the sections and could cause serious injury if someone grabs a piece unknowingly. Make sure you either remove the nails, or turn over the section and flatten down the sharp end of the nail so they will not be a threat to anyone working with these demolished pieces.

With the door removed, the next area to take down is the roof. If you take apart the sides first, the roof could collapse in on you at any moment. On a wooden shed, the roof flats are nailed to joint beams. Simply pry the boards off from the outside while on a ladder. These pieces should pop off easily and quickly. Metal sheds have the roof screwed into place. Remove the screws and start stacking the roof pieces in a bundle out of the way.

With the roof carefully removed, you can get to work on the sides of the shed. Wooden sheds have walls made of plywood attached to the support beams with nails or screws. The fastest way is to hammer the walls from the inside closest to the support beam and the nails and screws will pop out the other side. Once you begin loosening the walls, the remaining nails or screws will pop out easily. The metal sheds are pieced together with tiny screws like a puzzle. Remove these little screws and the walls simply come off the shed in sections.

Once the entire wall from each side of the shed is down and stacked. The only remaining piece will be the floor. Regardless if it is a wooden or plastic floor, the sections should come up very easily. Once the floor has been broken down and stacked with the rest of the junk, you can grade the area where the shed stood. Haul off the junk to the landfill or recycle centre and your shed is demolished safely and efficiently.

This article was provided to us by TPC North. They are rated as the number 1 Manchester Demolition company.