How To Paint A Room

picture of couple painting room

Every homeowner finds themselves at one time or another wanting to renovate or upgrade the rooms in their home. One of the simplest home improvement projects to accomplish this is the simple task of painting your rooms. Though painting in itself can be quite simple, preparation prior to painting can be a bit time consuming and a bit more challenging. Here are some useful tips on how to best paint a room, including the preparation necessary before the paint is applied.

Useful Tips for Painting A Room

1. Begin by cleaning the walls that you want to paint. The best way of cleaning the walls is by using a simple sponge, water, and a small amount of dish detergent. Wash the walls and thoroughly remove any dirt, dust, or grease spots. Once you have completed washing away all the dirt and grime, rinse the walls with clean water to remove and soap residue that may still be on the surface.

2. Next, you want to tape the doors, windows, and trim with painter’s blue tape to avoid getting paint any of these structures. Be certain that once you have completed painting the wall, that you remove the blue tape immediately because if you choose to wait until the paint is dry to remove the tape you may inadvertently remove some of the paint from the walls as well.

3. Following the taping, you then want to apply a primer to the walls. This primer will add to the overall sheen of the fresh paint applied and give the new paint a smoother and a uniform final appearance.

4. While in the process of painting, give focus and much detail to painting along the trim and in the corners of the walls. To accomplish this task easily and accurately, be certain to utilize a small paint brush rather than the roller used for the majority of the wall surfaces. The use of a small two or three inch brush will assure you that the paint will be applied evenly and no missed spots will result.

picture of a room that has just been painted and decorated

5. Once you have brushed all the trim areas and the corners of the walls, you can begin rolling the remainder of the wall. Using the common “W” pattern for painting whereby you actually paint a very large “W” with the roller and then continue filling it in without lifting the roller. Continue this same procedure until the wall is done, and, of course, paint one wall at a time.

6. Once you have completed painting the walls, and the walls are completely dry, you then want to tape along all the trim where it meets the wall and proceed with painting all the molding. It is best to use a small two inch brush to accomplish this rather tedious task of the overall painting project.

Painting is truly a rather simple chore that when accomplished can enhance both the appearance and value of your home. Paint the walls in all your rooms adds a whole new level of beauty and luster and gives each room a more vibrant and fresh look. If you are looking to make some simple improvements to your home and improve its overall appearance, certainly a fresh clean coat of shiny new paint can give your home a whole new vibrant look.