Tips on How to Fix a Leaking Roof


In order to learn how to fix a leaking roof, you first have to understand how to find the leak in the roof. Just because the drips are showing up in one location, it does not mean the leak is anywhere nearby. A small leak in a roof could make its way through the roofing material and tar paper, then find a wooden beam and travel several feet on a downward angle before dripping onto the ceiling below. This can be especially frustrating for many trying to make a quick fix to stop any further damage. Follow these simple tips on how to fix a leaking roof and you could eliminate the issue rather quickly.

The first thing that you need to do is locate the leak if you want to stop it for good. Climb your ladder to the roof, and make a visual inspection to see if any tiles are visibly missing or severely damaged. If there is an exposed area, you must put down a section of tar paper and new shingles to stop water from getting inside the home. Once you repair the section, the water damage inside the home should come to a stop. Do not make any repairs to the ceiling yet, you need to make certain the leak has stopped or you will be doing double work.

If after the visual inspection you were unable to locate the source of the leak on the roof, it is time to get into the attic. The best time to try and locate the hole in the roof from inside the attic is during a bright sunny day. Climb into the attic and proceed to the region where you suspect the leak might be. Once you find the area where water is accumulating on the sheet rock or the insulation, you have to work backwards to find the source of the entry point. It could be that you see a bright sunbeam coming in the home right where you see water damage. If so, push a pipe cleaner or something through the hole so you can see if from the roof. That will allow you to find the spot once you are back on the roof to make the repair.

If the source was not obvious in the attic, look at the support beams for water damage. Water travels to the lowest point, so it travelled down those beams. Find beams close to the damage and follow the trail up. Once you see some water damaged wood, you should be able to pinpoint the leaking area of the roof. After you make the repair on the roof, come back in the attic to the marked location and apply some sealant to the opening inside too.

One effective product is spray undercoating used to protect the undercarriage of the vehicle. Spray a generous amount of the sealant to the leaking area, and it will protect the roof from both the inside and out and should eliminate your leaking roof.